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Special.....No Listing Fee's, only pay a small 4% Final value fee if your item sells!

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Bold Listing USD 0.25 (Listing Option) The item(s) title will be displayed in a bold font.

Category Featured USD 0.50 (Listing Option) Item(s) will be featured above other items in category listings.

Dutch Auction (Listing Option) This fee is charged when an auction has a quantity greater than 1 (one).

Extra Pictures USD 0.25  (Listing Option) The cost of additional pictures beyond the free picture allowance as defined by the difference between the “Max Images Per Item “and “Max Free Images” preferences.

Final Sale – 4.00% If an item sells, this percent of the final sale price is charged to the seller.

Homepage Gallery USD 1.00 (Listing Option) Listings will be selected to be displayed in our homepage gallery section.

Highlight Listing USD 0.25 (Listing Option) A colored highlight will surround the listing, making it stand out.

Homepage Featured  USD 1.00 (Listing Option) Listings will be selected to be displayed in our homepage featured section.

Post Item USD 0.00  A flat fee charged when posting any item that is not a classified listing. Classifieds are charged based on “Classified Settings". This value is only used if the Post Item Tiers are not set and for all trade listings.


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